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Introducing a new segment called “S&J’s photo of the day” (probably the first and only photo of the day, but noteworthy nonetheless)

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It’s my desktop image at work.  It’s on my laptop too.  If we weren’t now in the digital age, I’d probably even have a tiny 1.5×2″ print in my wallet.  And now I’m sharing this with you!  (Rhyming completely unintentional btw – I’m not a poet, and I know it.)

The Coles Notes version of my story?

This picture makes me smile.  :)

Cute gray and white cat Irwin

Pink nose, white face, chubby cheeks.  Yup.  It’s undeniable: Irwin may very well be the cutest cat ever.  Ev-ver.

That’s all.  Just being a proud kitty momma.  :)  Hope you’re having a great week!


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