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S&J’s photo of the day, photo number two (and surprise, it’s a cat! Good guess!)

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So right after my last post (my epic “resolutions” post) where I vowed to blog at least twice per week (since that’s been my goal all along) I dropped off the blogosphere (bloggosphere?  bloggingsphere?  Whatever…) for a good 10-ish days.  Why?  We went camping the following weekend (post on that to follow, hopefully later this week!) thus rendering me laptop-free for a few days (since no one likes a sandy keyboard), and then most of last week was lovingly devoted to planning a very special baby shower for Tiff (one of my besties) who is due any minute now (but held out long enough for us to squeeze in a 39th-week baby shower yesterday!)

And while I’m recovering from this weekend’s baby shower still, I thought I’d quickly post my newest favourite “photo of the day…”

Cute gray and white cat yawning with green mouse

I call it: Irwin – Ferocious conqueror of small green fuzzy mice :)

That’s all.  Hope you had a lovely weekend and a successful baby shower (if that happens, coincidentally, to be what you were doing too!)  And I hope you conquer whatever you need to on this Monday (regardless of whether it’s a mouse, a house, or your 9-5.)  Happy Monday!


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Mid(-ish) year resolutions (better late than never!)

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I love September.  It’s always seemed like the perfect month to me!  It’s full of new beginnings (I still find the start of the school year kind of exciting, even though it’s been a really really long time since I was last in a classroom), it’s full of changes (as the leaves start to turn all lovely and the temperature gets a wee bit cooler), and it’s full of anticipation (for Thanksgiving, and Halloween, and the approaching holiday season and all the family and feasting in between!)

It’s obviouly not September yet.  In fact, I’m jumping ahead of myself a little.  We JUST hit mid-August.  But (in my head at least) August is all about getting ready for September.  The back-to-school gear is out at stores now, and fall clothes are everywhere.  Hell, Michael’s even has their Halloween display up already.

So what better time to make resolutions?  I’ve never really been a New Year’s resolutions kinda girl.  There’s always the standard “I’ll work less and eat healthier” (the two aren’t actually related btw) resolution that I mumble each December 31st as I watch the big old glowing ball fall over Times Square on the telly.  But that’s usually as far as my NYE resolutions get (and, honestly, despite that I really SHOULD work less and eat better, I can’t say I’ve ever really worked to keep that resolution.  It’s more of a resolution-tradition than actual goal-setting for me.)

But this September, I’m making resolutions.  Four, in fact!  (It’s a lot, I know.)  Here’s what I’m thinking…

1.  Don’t worry, be happy.  Yep.  I’m getting all philosophical here, like all of those random inspirational phrases I’ve pinned on Pinterest.  My plan is to be happy and have fun with this version of my life, regardless of whether it’s what I had originally planned out for myself.  Because really, if we got everything we wanted exactly as we imagined, things would be pretty boring, right?

2.  I’d really like to learn how to use a camera properly.  Like, an actual grown-up camera.  I work for wedding photographers (obviously not as a photographer LOL), and Sweetie studied photography in school, but I’ve never learned how to use anything more than a basic point-and-shoot.  And don’t get me wrong – my little Canon PowerShot is a pretty good little camera!  But I’d like to know how to take better pics, using, like, F-stops and ISOs and apertures and all that sort of stuff (and yes, I just threw out all the fancy photography words I know – I have no idea what any of that actually means.)  Afterall, one can never have too many pictures of the cats.

Irwin gray and white cat sleeping

3.  I’m going to finish cleaning out our basement.  This is a doozy.  (Kinda like the big puddle Bill Murray steps into in Ground Hog Day HERE.)  You know that room in your house where everything that you don’t have an immediate place for lands?  Yep.  That’s our entire basement.  I’ll spare you the pictures (since it looks a bit like an episode of Hoarders down there) but it’s bad.  Really bad.  And it’s been like that since we moved into this house almost two years ago.  SO, I’m going to clean ‘er out.  There’s no therapy like basement-purging therapy.

4.  I’m going to blog more.  I hope.  At least twice weekly.  :)  That’s been my intention all along, but I keep getting sidetracked by weddings and projects and other distractions.  But I really like to write.  And I’m quite proud of my tiny humble little blog!  So I vow to try for twice weekly.  Ish.  :)

And that’s it!  Just four measly little resolutions.  I don’t have an actual deadline for these – I think with New Years resolutions you’re supposed to accomplish your goals by the following New Years (at least I’m guessing that’s how that works?)  Let’s aim for March.  Six months seems like a perfectly reasonable time frame for all this, no?

And if, within that six months, I also manage to eat better and work less, that’ll just be a bonus.  :)


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Sunroom progress to-date (a little less purple plus a lot more organized equals one happy little sunroom)

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I mentioned a looooong while back that I was ridding our sunroom of its purpleness.  And then two (rather cute!) new cats came to live with us, and the sunroom became their home for a few weeks while they got to know Jacob a little.  And then summer happened, and my brother’s wedding happened, and a whole lot of time has since passed and – poof! – it’s now over three months later.  And, after all this time, the sunroom still isn’t quite  finished… There are curtains and blinds to put up.  There’s rearranging to do and doors still to be painted.  There’s a not-yet-purchased slipcover to be applied to my very stripey (yet very comfy!) sofa.  And I should probably put some stuff on the walls at some point too (you know, like art or a ceramic animal head of some sort or a picture of one of the cats) (the latter option, as we all know, is most likely.)  But I figured, finished or not, it was about time for a quick progress update.  :)

Here’s where we started (with purple-ish gray walls, oddly hung blinds, and way too much furniture and clutter)…

Sunroom before - pre paint

And here’s where we are now…

BM Chelsea gray sunroom with Snowfall white trim

Every seam in the room has been caulked, the ceiling was painted, the walls got two coats of Benjamin Moore’s (scary and dark but awesome!) Chelsea Gray, and the trim was painted in lovely Snowfall White.  And, most importantly, the room is no longer lavender-ish.  Cue happy dance.  :)

Here’s the other half of the room (aka my piano nook)…

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray sunroom with piano

The big white armoire next to the piano houses all of our bedding.  Little 1940s houses don’t come equipped with much storage.  Besides a small linen closet outside of the loo (where I store all of our towels) we don’t really have anywhere else for linens.  Obviously, having the armoire in the sunroom isn’t ideal, but it’s close to the stairs to our second floor, so it sort of works.  (And if you get chilly while playing piano, you can just reach on in and grab yourself a blanket.  :)

White rubbermaid armoire

Adding to my extensive and ongoing list of “rather silly things that the previous owners did”, the past owners of this house laid the flooring in the sunroom right before listing it but didn’t bother to cut the closet door down in the process, so it’s way too long and drags across the floor and doesn’t at all close properly.  Sweetie has plans to make it fit better using some sort of scary powertool (we have a system in place and it works well for us: I paint, he uses power tools) and then I’ll paint both the closet door and the inside of the back door too.  I’m thinking either gray-ish teal (similar to the colour already on the closet door) or (if I’m feeling especially gutsy) maybe a light maize-y yellow.  (I suddenly have a real thing for yellow.  It’s very odd.)

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray sunroom

The couch was my first ever grown-up-furniture purchase (right after we bought our first house) and even though I’m no longer a huge fan of the stripes, it remains the comfiest couch ever.  :)  It may eventually get slipcovered, thus preserving its comfyness (while hiding its stripyness.)  But for now it’s not offensive.  And it actually looks a little beachy back there and rather sunroom-esque.  :)

Here’s how things look from the hallway…

BM Chelsea Gray sunroom

(Note: The door to the back room still needs to be painted [it's on my list!], and that doorknob desperately needs to be replaced.  Big gold round shiny doorknob: I dislike you lots.)

And here’s the view looking out (including two rather comatose-looking kitties who obviously think that the sunroom is awesome)…

BM Chelsea Gray sunroom and Edgecomb Gray hallway

And there!  Tada!  That’s my new-ish and improved-ish sunroom so far.  Better eh?  There’s still lots left to do (curtains, slip covering, a less obnoxious doorknob…), but I am thrilled with everything to date.  Further updates will follow (shortly, I hope!)  But, in the meantime, have a lovely Civic Holiday (or Simcoe Day maybe?  I think I completely missed that name change somehow…)  In short, have a fantastic holiday Monday.  :)


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Hello sunshine! (Adding a wee bit of yellow to my happy little kitchen)

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I have a love/hate relationship with the colour yellow.  I love it in other people’s houses, but I’ve never had much of a hankering for adding it to my own.  My friend Jess LOVES yellow (her eldest son’s nursery was yellow and it was such a cheery little room!)  My friend Shawn (who is an absolutely fantastic photographer and artist btw – check out some of his amazing work here and here) has been telling me that yellow is the way to go for years.  Being the rather awesome friend that I am, I’ve pretty much ignored all yellow yammerings from either of them in the past.  (I’m a bit stubborn like that.)  But then I found this…

Urban Outfitters Plum and Bow Silhouette Garden Rug

…and realized that this lovely gray, yellow and teal rug (courtesy of Urban Outfitters) would look pretty darn good in my little gray kitchen.  Which, consequently, would mean bidding the red accents adieu.  And, well, maybe replacing them with something… sunnier.

Just as a reminder (just because my kitchen, even sans new rug, makes me happy!) here’s what I’m starting with…

Stonington Gray 1940s kitchen with red accents

Don’t get me wrong – I actually rather like the red.  But see the bananas in the background?  See how pretty the yellow looks against the gray?  Yep.  I’m thinking it’s most definitely a sign.  (While I don’t necessarily listen to my friends, when fruit makes a suggestion I’m all ears.)

And really, all I’d have to do is switch out the carpet (and I’ve already found the replacement!) and the tea towels (Etsy has lots of cheap and cheerful yellow tea towels) and maybe the print above the stove too (I really do miss having a mirror over my stove, so I’m thinking I’d like to try that again…  maybe one with a white wooden frame this time.)

And, if I’m feeling extra fancy, maybe I’ll get a yellow kettle.  Maybe.  :)

My other motive for the new rug?  I’m kinda hoping that the teal colour in the rug will make the icky teal peel-and-stick tile floors look a little better.  Maybe even like they were a deliberate and fashionable choice or something like that (even though we all know I can’t wait to replace them.  Eventually.)

It’s wishful thinking, I know.

Regardless, my kitchen is a happy place, and yellow is most definitely a happy colour!  All in all it seems like a pretty good match to me.  And I’m guessing that my bananas would likely agree.


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