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And now for something completely different (but something completely amazing)

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Once upon a time (we’re talking actual decades ago now, and more than just one) (which makes me feel exceedingly old, btw), a girl (well, me) met a very special boy (my Shawn.)  The details of this meeting have been well-documented and what seemed like an insignificant exchange of words at the time has since become a lifelong friendship.  And I’m pretty thankful for that.  :)

Then, one day, boy had an idea.  Boy had always been a good person.  That was indisputable.  But he felt an innate need to help others using the incredible talents he’d been given (at least this is how I imagine the internal dialogue went, knowing boy very well and for so many years.)

The result?

The Drawing Hope Project.

My friend is truly amazing.  I’m unbelievably proud of him.

Please watch!  Please share!

Thank you!  :)


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