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Dusting off my paintbrush (hello, bedroom… prepare to be painted…)

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I’m going through a little bit of painting withdrawal, I think.  It’s been almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS since I’ve painted anything around here.  Shocked?  Me too.  I’m pretty sure that’s a new record.  (For me at least.)  (For everyone else, that’s called “being normal.”)

During our weekly marathon phone date the other day, my friend Jess (who blogs over at Little Townhome Love) asked me what on earth could possibly still need painting in this house (since it does indeed seem like I’ve been painting since the day we moved in, like, two+ years ago.)  Let’s just say I’m a methodical painter.  I take my time.

In fact, my typical painting process looks a bit like this…

Day 1: Patch the walls and caulk every seam in the room.  Time consuming?  Yes.  Annoying and messy?  Omg, yes.  But totally worth it?  Yes.

Day 2: Prime.  You know, since there’s nothing like watching mystery stains left by the previous home owners seep through your lovely new paint job.  Yep.  Love that.

Day 3: Paint ceiling.  (Have I ever mentioned how much I hate painting ceilings?  I do.  I really really do.)  Try to keep paint from flying everywhere and damaging hardwood.

Day 4: Paint ceiling again to cover up thin spots from previous day’s painting.  Swear just a bit.

Day 5: Paint walls.  Do an awkward little happy dance in celebration that wall-painting day has finally arrived!

Day 6: Paint walls again (since that whole one-coat-coverage concept never seems to work for me.)

Day 7: Admire how awesome walls look, then begin painting trim.  Tape everything off first (since despite about a gazillion hours spent painting over the past few years, painting in a straight line is still very very hard.)  Sigh and grumble about how much I hate painting trim.

Day 8: Slap a second coat of paint on trim.  Grumble some more.  But!  Then remove all painters tape and squeal a happy little squeal of joy at the results.  Jump up and down a bit.  Have a celebratory glass of wine.  Or two.

Day 9: Spend far too much time standing in the centre of newly painted room staring and admiring.  Bring cats in and make them admire too.  Find Sweetie and ask him multiple times if he thinks it looks nice.  Pout just a little when he gets tired of exclaiming, for the gazillion-th time, that it looks awesome.

So yep, there – painting a room is about an eight day process for me.  Which is probably longer than most people, but I’m a tad nit-picky and obsessive over things like caulking baseboards and trim seams to the wall and priming and those sorts of things.  And, well, I can only paint on weekends (and only on those weekends on which we don’t already have other plans) so I work in little bursts.  A weekend here…  a weekend there…  an entire room probably takes me about a month-ish (maybe a little more) to fully finish up (from ceiling to walls to trim – when I paint a room, I paint EVERYTHING.)  (Woo!  Go big or go home!)  So while I may not be the fastest painter on the block, the job gets done.  More or less correctly.  Eventually.

This weekend I will pick up my beloved paint brush once again, and (FINALLY!) begin working on my bedroom (which I chatted a bit about HERE a while back.)  I finished up Step 1 a long time ago (like, months ago) and my walls have been pleading with me for paint ever since (since now they’re all patchy and rather ugly.  Which is pretty darn embarrassing if you’re a wall.)

Yep.  By the end of the weekend all this will be covered up…

Drywall patches in bedroom

…in lovely Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter-ness.  I can’t wait.  :)

Jacob is pretty crazy excited too.

Orange cat being cute with others watching

Irwin and Erik?  Not so much.

Happy Friday!


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Revisiting my little kitchen Christmas art project (yep, the blue’s gotta go)

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This weekend it snowed here for the first time this winter (although technically it’s still fall, I think), which, as you can imagine, meant that Operation Christmas truly began chez Sweetie and Joy (since snow just makes everything feel Christmassier and cheerier and happier!)  (At least until New Years… soon after that I’m totally done with the snow and start looking forward to spring.)

Even my newly acquired little driftwood star got Christmassied up a wee bit…

Driftwood beachy Christmas star

Yup.  We’re all getting in the spirit around here.  (Pictures of cats wearing tiny little reindeer antlers to follow shortly, of course.)

I’ve now lived with my DIY kitchen art attempt for a week now, and I’m still not loving it.  At all.  :(  I’ve decided that it’s the blue “inner-matting” (I should seriously coin that term, eh?) that’s throwing everything off.  Yep – the blue is making me… well, blue.

Blue matted Christmas print in kitchen

So I delved deep into my scrapbook paper pile once again, and pulled out a sheet of lovely Christmassy red paper.  And squealed just a little.  Because that’s what I do.  (Kinda freaks the cats out a bit, but it keeps them on their toes.)

And after a few minutes of cut and paste (I’m president of the International Society of Cutters and Pasters, btw), I had this…

Free Christmas printable diy matting project

Which looks like this on my wall…

DIY free printable Christmas project

Free Christmas printable project kitchen

Which makes me a very happy girl.  :)

Free Christmas printable project in BM Stonington Gray kitchen

So am I done with this project now?  Probably.  I mean, I could be really rather persnickety and say that the red is a little more tomato-ey than I’d prefer (which, really, is quite true.)  But it’s BETTER.  Much better.  And I have a gazillion other fun projects I’m just itching to start.  (Do you see that as foreshadowing?  Let’s call that foreshadowing.  :)

Happy one month (less a day!) till Christmas!  Hooray!  Bring on the merry!


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Seeing stars (like, lots of them) (I may be a little obsessed)

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Hello.  I have a wee little obsession: I love stars.  So much so that I’d adorn all the walls in my house with stars if I could (and if I wasn’t convinced that people would think I’m some sort of star-infatuated nut.)

I just bought another one.  Shhhh…  Don’t tell…  And it’s LOVELY!  Apparently made by some star-adoring artiste from carefully selected pieces of driftwood found alongside some remote white sandy beach (true story!), it’s natural and organic looking and I practically skipped out of Homesense with it in my arms.  (And yep, people looked at me like I’m a certified crazy lady.)  (But I’m kind of used to that.)

Big driftwood wooden star

I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a Christmassy star, but even if it is I’m pretty sure it’ll be a permanent fixture on my walls somewhere.  Afterall, there are stars in the sky year-round.  So stars belong on my walls year-round too, non?  And, for the non-holiday season months, we can call it my beach-chic star (is beach-chic an actual design style?  Let’s assume it is, k?)  Either way, it makes me happy.

For now, I think the wooden star will likely replace the green star above our two tullsta chairs (yep, that’s right – I’m swapping one star for another.)  And then that green star will likely head on into the dining room (where we haven’t yet put anything on the walls.)  (Ack, I know.)  I think.

Big wooden star in living room

Big wooden star with ikea tulsta chairs

Or perhaps it will assume the place of honour above the faux fireplace…

Faux fireplace mantel with big wooden star

Edgecomb gray living room with big wooden star art

Hmmm…  Yep.  I foresee a bit of wall-adornment jenga taking place over the next couple of days.

But, yes!  Star (not so) light, star (not particularly) bright, (not at all) the first star I see tonight, welcome to my happy little 1940s house.  You’re pretty darn swell.  :)


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Bringing a little more merry to my kitchen (my “use-what-you’ve-got” attempt at a quick DIY project)

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My lady with her cats (and dogs) has adorned the kitchen wall above my stove for quite a while now.

Art over stove in kitchen with cats

I love her.  She’s classy (there’s french writing on that print – doesn’t that automatically make her sophisticated?), and, well, she’s hanging out with several cats (which makes her pretty darn cool in my books.)  It’s perfect.  :)

Clinique Cheron image over stove in kitchen cats

But…  I’ve been feeling the need to switch things up a bit lately.  While I love my crazy French cat lady, I’ve been feeling the need for more colour.  More oooomph, if you will.  A little cheer and a lot of joy perhaps.  So, with Christmas coming (and the gazillion free printables floating around Pinterest) I decided to make the switch.  For the holidays at least.  And then I’ll revisit my “art above the stove” dilemma again in January.  (Stay tuned for another post on that in about 40 days.)

It didn’t take me long to find this…

Christmas subway art free printable

…courtesy of the lovely ladies over at Eighteen25.

And it didn’t take me long to decide that it’s perfect for my little kitchen. :)

The only problem?  Our printer, being a non-fancy-pants little machine, prints 8.5×11″ pages.  It’s not a high-end printer by any means, and it maxes out at a standard papersize.  Downsizing the original 16×20″ print to fit my tinier paper wasn’t a huge problem.  However the matting in my frame was for my lovely 11×14″ cat lady.

Christmas subway art printable

My “use whatcha got” solution?  Leftover scraps of scrapbook paper from other random past project.

Free printable Christmas print diy

Yup.  I pieced together what I’ll call an “inner-matting” (technical term) using some sparkly blue scrapbook paper pieces I had leftover from some other random DIY project.  For the record, I’m not a scrapbooker.  But I love scrapbooking stuff.  Paper and punches and pretty things…  It all makes me swoon, just a bit.

And, when I was done my little project (I excelled at cut-and-paste as a toddler, btw), I was left with this…

Rematting a free Christmas printable for my kitchen

Insert semi-frowny face HERE.  The big reveal was most definitely a colon-S sorta moment.  :S  I’m undecided.  It needs… something more.  Like some red ribbon or some doodads or something like that (maybe there is in fact a little closet scrapbooker buried somewhere deep inside of me afterall.)  Or perhaps it’s the blue paper that’s throwing me off.  While I love the blue with the print, it’s just not playing nice with the gray on my walls.

Kitchen print diy attempt with free Christmas printable

So let’s consider this a 4 out of 10 for now, k?  To be revisited again shortly.  I have some deep red scrapbook paper kicking around somewhere in my scrapbook paper basket (yes, I have a designated container for pretty papers…  don’t tell…) that I’m guessing will likely be the solution to all my kitchen print woes.  Yep, there may indeed be a second “inner-matting” cut and paste project extraordinaire coming to a kitchen island near me.

Are you excited?  Me too.  :)

To be continued…


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What I’ve been up to all week (a very special little project!)

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This weekend is the Drawing Hope Project‘s Christmas party (I chatted a bit about how awesome the Drawing Hope Project is HERE) for all of the children (and their families) who have been part of the project to date.  And since Shawn, the organization’s founder, is one of my BFFs, I quite happily volunteered to help out!

So what’s my big role?

Red tissue paper pompom

Yeppers.  I’m puff girl!  And let me tell you, it’s been a bit of a puff-making frenzy around here this week!  I’ve been puff-making like I’ve never puff-made before.  And there’s a whole lot of love going into each fun festive fluffy ball.

The colours make me ridiculously happy.  I ADORE the bright green with the jolly red and white colour combination (I drove all over town to find the perfect red tissue paper – not too dark, not too transparent, not too muddy-looking, just bright and cheery and Christmassy.  :)

Christmas tissue paper pompom puffs

So far I’m up to about 40 puffs that are ready to be fluffed on Saturday (since it’s hard to pre-fluff the puffs – puffs don’t transport particularly well once fluffed.)  I’m hoping to finish another 20 or so by Saturday.

And in case you’re looking for some puff-making instructions, here’s the tutorial I normally follow, courtesy of Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful (although, once you’ve made one, they’re pretty darn foolproof.)

So, now, if you’ll please excuse me, I’ve got some very important tissue-folding to do.  Happy Friday!  :)


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