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The little things (a post about tiny random moments of joy)

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I painted my nails yesterday.

Essie pink diamonds manicure attempt with short nails

I’ll be honest: it’s been months since I last gave myself a proper manicure.

It was a very amateur attempt.  I’ve never been particularly good at these sorts of things.  I’ve already marred the finish on one of my index fingers.  And there appears to be cat fur embedded in the polish on my left thumb.

Still, it made me happy.  And I feel all pretty and girly now.  And with all the other uncontrollables and stresses circling erratically around me, it’s these little moments of happiness that remind me of who I am and that everything will be ok in the end.

So, I’m still keeping calm.  And I’m still carrying on.  Just with way prettier fingernails now. :)


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