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It’s time for a little twine (another use-whatcha-got sorta solution)

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So I was looking around my dining room post-pine china cabinet removal project, and something still didn’t seem… light and airy.  (And, of course, light and airy equals awesome and desirable when it comes to selling, you know.)  The culprit?  My curtain tie-backs.  Yes, really.  I KNOW – they’re little and insignificant and I’m likely a crazy person for thinking that they were bringing the room down.  But look…

Here’s the before (dark and heavy-looking):

BM Gossamer Blue dining room with white curtains

After!  (Pretty, simple, and breezy!)

Alternative curtain tie-backs and uses for twine

Twine curtain tie-backs

Yep!  That’s twine.  So does this officially make me the strange lady who uses twine to tie back her curtains?  Perhaps.  I decided that the black ribbon was far too dark and formal-ish (can ribbon be formal?  Let’s say yes…) and went searching through my house for a replacement and the first thing I stumbled upon was the big spool of twine that normally resides under my kitchen sink.  But despite that it’s a rather utilitarian sort of thing, I actually think it kinda works with the sort of rustic pine-ish-ness of the room.

Gossamer Blue dining room with simple twine curtain tie-backs

Or I may just be grasping at straws here.  Either way, I like it!  And those curtain tie-backs cost me roughly three cents in twine.  Cheap and cheerful indeed!  :)


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