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Preparing for tomorrow (happy house-owning eve to us!)

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Tomorrow we (finally!) get possession of the old mauve house.

Tomorrow I’ll do my very first happy dance in my new (sadly, mossy green-painted) living room.

Tomorrow I’ll gain access to a fully functioning kitchen and return to cooking and baking and all those sorts of lovely and ridiculously domestic things that make me feel a bit like a 1950s housewife (oh, how I’d love to be a little 1950s housewife!)

Tomorrow we’ll be able to sleep in our own bed on our own mattress in our own room for the first time in three long months.

Tomorrow we’ll once again have walls to paint, kitchen floors and countertops to obsess over, updated lighting to purchase, new windows to save for, and many many other renovations to plan.

Tomorrow we’ll reflect on the amazing generosity of the family members who have provided us with shelter and support during this period of in-between-ness.

Tomorrow we’ll set the cats free to explore their new domain for the first time.  Tomorrow I will keep my fingers crossed that neither Irwin nor Erik decides to be territorial.

Yep – there will be absolutely no peeing on anything tomorrow.

Tomorrow things get back to normal.

Tomorrow we start moving forward with life once again.

Tomorrow is really really really going to rock. :)


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Faux fireplace fanaticism (four fabulous faux fireplaces to fluff)

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At our next house (only FOUR MORE DAYS to go before it’s all ours btw!) (insert happy squeal HERE) we’ll have not one, not two, not even three, but four (yes, FOUR) faux fireplaces to style.  Yep.  That’s right.  The nutcases nice folk who currently live in this house really really like their fireplaces.  To an excess, some (including myself) might say.  There’s one in the living room.  There’s another in the (adjoining) dining room.  There’s a fireplace in the sunroom out back.  And yep – for faux curling up on blustery winter’s nights, there’s even a faux fireplace in what will likely be our guestroom.

It’s a little (er, a lot) much.

There’s a pretty good chance that at least one of the fireplaces will eventually be moving out of our old mauve house.  Hell, we may even get rid of two.  Because, really, who needs SEVERAL (non-functioning) fireplaces in a (well-heated via furnace) home?  Not us, says I!

The big problem with having so many fireplaces?  Having to decorate so many fireplaces.  Mantel primping is an artform.  An artform that one can either excel at, or go mad attempting to perfect.  There’s the necessary accumulation of decorative items needed to adorn the mantels – decorating four mantels will indeed require a lot of stuff.  Then there’s the seasonal-decorating dilemma (fantastically fall-er-izing four faux fireplaces could be a rather time consuming project.)  And, most importantly, there’s the fireplace overkill factor.  One faux fireplace in a rather small little three-bedroom home?  Awesome!  Two fireplaces?  Wow – lucky me!  But four fireplaces?  Four?  Really?  That’s a little much methinks.

Yep.  One or two must go.

However, all four fireplaces will likely stay firmly in place until we’ve lived in the house for a little bit, at least.  Which means I’ve gone on a Pinterest expedition to find inspiration for fireplace dressing (since the acquisition of four fireplaces obviously requires a whole lot of inspiration.)  My favourites?

This chalkboard-adorned mantel idea from Mom4Real is pretty fantastic, and could easily be switched up for the seasons.

Chalkboard fireplace mantel with banner

I’m thinking it could be a lot of fun for the guestroom fireplace.  If the guestroom fireplace makes the final faux fireplace cut, that is.  :)

And how fun is this mantel from Wit and Whistle

Red brick fireplace with garland and zombie warning sign

The Danger Zombies sign?  That’s a whole lot of awesomeness.

And globes, maps and galoshes?  I love globes and maps and galoshes!

Maps and globes and galoshes fireplace mantel

This map-a-licious mantel is courtesy of the lovely folk over at Gather and Build.

However this one, from Style at Home, is my absolute fave.  Not necessarily because I like the fireplace (although I do!)  But because I’m obsessed with everything about this living room.  Love love love!

Gray white red teal living room with fireplace Style at Home

But, I’m guessing (just call it a hunch) that at least one of my four (FOUR!) fireplaces will end up looking a little like this…

White faux fireplace in Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray living room with basket inside

Yup.  Like our old faux fireplace.  Because I loved it.  And because I miss it.  LOTS.

So there you have it.  My Pinterest-derived fireplace mantel inspiration.  Because I need lots of inspiration.  Because I’ll be the proud owner of a lot of faux fireplaces very very shortly.  In a mere four days, in fact.

Can’t wait.  :)


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Come and knock on our door (be it black, plum, or blue…)

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Get it? Come and knock on our door? Be it black, plum or blue?  We’ve been waiting for you?  No?  Hmmmm…  K – here… Watch this!

Random fact: I was absolutely fascinated by Three’s Company when I was little, but didn’t at all understand it.

Random fact #2: John Ritter rocked. As did Don Knotts. And I fully support Team Chrissy (a Cindy and/or Terri fan I am not.)

Random fact #3: this blog post isn’t really about Three’s Company (although Three’s Company is truly deserving of its own blog post, if you ask me.) Nope. This blog post is about a door that I don’t yet own.

Yup. That’s right. I’ve been humming and hawing (and thinking and winking) (and obsessing and, um, obsessing) for the past month or so over what colour to paint our (not yet ours) front door at the new house.  We won’t officially own this house until the end of September, which means I’ll likely miss front-door-painting season (aka late spring/summer/early fall) entirely this year.  Which sort of makes me sad, but (happily!) also gives me lots of time to obsess over consider all of my options.

Just as a reminder, here is our (soon to be ours!) next happy little home (in all its mauve-hued glory)…

Mauve or pink sided older house with gray roof

Yep.  That little pink-y-purple-ly house will officially belong to Sweetie and me in a mere 18 more days.  The porch desperately needs staining and painting.  The front yard needs some serious de-bushing (technical term.)  And I guarantee that there will be a whole lot less clutter in the yard (ie: NONE) once we take possession.  So excited!  Can’t wait!

But, come next spring, I’ll also be (rather enthusiastically) tackling the front door situation.  There’s the obvious (and, admittedly, rather elegant-looking) option: black.  Check out this lovely-looking front door from Melissa at 320 Sycamore

Black front door with black urns and lights

And just look at this one (with its matching black shutters!) from For the Love of a House

White house with black shutters and black front door and white porch

So simple and so pretty, eh?  Black is definitely a very solid option.

However (yep – this is where my indecisiveness kicks in with a big ol’ kerbang) this picture (from Jen at IHeart Organizing) (hi Jen!) makes me wonder if a contrasting bright-ish colour would help detract from the unfortunate mundane mauve-ness of our siding…

Behr Harbor teal front door with gray siding

Perhaps our house looks exceedingly mauve because the door and shutters are currently painted a deep-pinky red.  Maybe a little happy tealy-blue (one of my most favourite colours, and the colour of our front door at our last little house) (oh how I miss our little 1940s home!) would help hide the mauve?

Or we could simply embrace (and – gasp! – perhaps accentuate) our mauve-ish-ness.  I found this image of a mauve house with lavender shutters and such on an online forum, and (shockingly!) I sorta like it.

Mauve exterior siding with lavender purple shutters and trim

It’s a bit country-cute.  Which I’m ok with.  Will Sweetie be ok with it?  I’m not sure.  (Sweetie’s edit: No I am not.) But in the meantime lavender is indeed in the running as a possible door/shutter hue for my big outdoor-painting-extravaganza next spring.  If you can’t beat (the purple colour family) ‘em, join (the purple colour family) ‘em, right?


But my most favourite colour scheme of the bunch (I think) is this one from Vivaciously Vintage

Plum front door with taupe trim

Love love love the taupe-y trim with the plummy door!  Could this all work on our little mauve-coloured house?  I’m not entirely sure.  But I’d really really like to try!

With only nine-ish more months until front-door painting weather returns in the spring, it’s going to be a rather stressful front-door-decision-making winter, methinks.  So please excuse me while I resume my humming and hawing.  (And my thinking and my winking…)  (And all of that sort of decision enabling kinda stuff.)  There are some very important front door decisions to be made.  :)


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Oh where, oh where has my Ikea catalogue gone (oh where, oh where could it be?)

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Last night’s dinnertime conversation went a bit like this…

Me:  Yay!  The new Ikea catalogue is out!

Sweetie: Ooooh.  That is exciting.

Me: I know!  However, please note that I don’t yet have one.  This is extremely upsetting.

Sweetie: Well, can’t you just order one?

Me: Maybe?  [Insert frantic Ikea-website search here.]  Crap.  No.  It looks like they no longer send them out upon request to any household that’s beyond a certain radius from a store.  The site says that we need to visit our nearest Ikea location for a catalogue.  Oh despair.  My world is crumbling.

Sweetie: Well, we’ll just get you a catalogue the next time we pass by a store then.

Me:  But there’s all sorts of amazing new stuff at Ikea now and I don’t yet know about it.  I need a catalogue now.  Now now now.

Sweetie: [Eye rolling]

Me: [Pouting]

Yep.  That all actually happened.  And yes, it’s sad but true: the FAQ section on Ikea’s website does indeed state that I cannot order the catalogue and have it delivered by mail.  I must now trek to my nearest Ikea store in order to view the catalogue that’ll tell me what I want to buy at my nearest Ikea store.  To quote my favourite blue and yellow retailer:

The IKEA catalogue is mass-distributed annually in the area around each IKEA store. If you did not receive this year’s catalogue, stop by the IKEA store near you for a free copy.

It’s all a little silly.

Of course, I could peruse the catalogue online.  The website reminds me that I can flip through virtual pages as much and as often as I’d like until my heart’s content.  There’s even an app for that, the website claims, if I’d like to saunter through the virtual catalogue on my teeny tiny little smartphone screen.

Call me a purist (hell, call me archaic and silly and an outdated poop-head if you’d like) but I want my catalogue, with it’s slightly glossy, thin (but surprisingly durable), glorious real-life pages.  I want to dog ear the pages that feature those items that I really really want.  And I want to flip leisurely through the catalogue and marvel at all the Ikea awesomeness.  Over and over and over again.


However, despite my better judgement, I did indeed visit Ikea’s website.  And I did indeed view some of their new products.  And I did indeed squeal just a bit in delight.

(Although I would indeed still like a catalogue.)

Here were some of my favourite new items…

There’s marvellous Majviva, the pretty purple-ly duvet cover…

Purple and white flowered duvet cover bedding via Ikea
And Ullgump the spectacularly spotty rug…

Black and white spotted rug from Ikea

…which claims to be listed at a new lower price (but I don’t remember it ever existing at an old higher price.)

And while we’re chatting about rugs, I absolutely adore this cheerful yellow swoon-worthy Stockholm rug in yellow…

Yellow area rug by Ikea

…which actually does appear to be new to Ikea.  And actually does need to come home and live with me somewhere in some room in my not-yet-officially-mine house.  :)

Despite being a wee bit (ok, a lot) feminine, these beautiful Borghild curtains may eventually reside in our living room…

Sheer floral white curtains from Ikea

(Maybe Sweetie won’t notice that they’re floral?)

And I love that Hemnes now comes in blue…

So lovely!

And there’s more.  There are new kitchen items I’m swooning over.  And new lighting that I’d like.  And new storage options and mirrors and frames and so… much… more.

All discovered while perusing the Ikea website.

I still really, really want a catalogue though.

Dear Ikea folk: If you’re reading this, I adore you lots.  Lots and lots and lots.  Please please please send me a catalogue.

Love, Melissa.  :)


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