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The five minute project (that was three months overdue)

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You know those little annoyances?  You know, the type that totally gets under your skin and drives you a tad bonkers?  But then, over time, you become a bit desensitized and the aforementioned sneaky little annoying annoyance somehow seamlessly becomes part of your life?

Yeah.  We had one of those in our kitchen.  For three long months.

Here’s what we started with…

See the mish-mash of random wires hanging from the cabinets on the right?  Let’s look closer…

Bad wiring under cabinet lighting

Ew.  Yep.  That, apparently, was someone’s (ill-considered) plan for under cabinet lighting.  And that has been driving me crazy since the day we moved into this house.  And yet, I’d become somewhat (insanely) immune to the wire-y mess.

I finally came to my senses over the holidays and realized that enough was enough.  Because, really, would YOU plug all that in?  Nope.  Me neither.  So I summoned Sweetie.  And Sweetie started pulling.  And it all came down in one fell swoop.  All in all, the random-and-ugly-under-cabinet-lighting-removal project took 60 seconds.  Maybe.  Probably less.  (Plus a few minutes during which I gathered up all the nails and such that went flying when Sweetie started his under cabinet lighting destruction.)

And see?  All pretty now.  :)

Tiled countertops with brushed nickel goose neck faucet and cream and black cabinets

Kitchen with white and black cabinets and open cabinets - teal and orange accents

(Well sorta.  I still have cabinets to paint.  And walls to paint.  And countertops to swap.  And a floor to take up.  And that beige plastic sink should really go away too.)

But at least I’m random kitchen wire free.  Baby steps.  :)


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Deck the halls with boughs of holly (and lots of red lights) (fa la la la la, la la, la, la!)

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The exterior holiday adornment of our house is Sweetie’s job each year.

Red exterior Christmas lights outside

And, over the years, he has truly mastered the finer nuances of decorating for Christmas.  Sweetie’s annual holiday house embellishing tradition goes a bit like this:

-wait for the coldest pre-Christmas day of the year

-get all bundled up (a la Randy from A Christmas Story)

-struggle to secure lights to eavestroughs using highly glove-padded fingers

-heroically throw gloves aside and brave frostbite

-with fingers completely numb and unresponsive, valiantly create a masterful spectacle of sparkly Christmas loveliness

-call it a day, stand back, shiver, proudly admire

-pray that sensation returns to fingertips at some point in the near-ish future

-run inside for cocoa

Ah, yes.  Christmas traditions rock.  :)

And in case you’re unfamiliar with A Christmas Story (one of the greatest Christmas movies ever!), watch this:

I heart Christmas.  :)


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Confessions of a really bad blogger (with really good intentions!)

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So…  I’ve been a bad blogger.

Call it the winter blahs (does anyone else want to take a four month nap?  OMG I could go for a four month nap.)  Call it the holiday hustling and bustling (I should really start my Christmas shopping soon eh?)  Call it still desperately trying to unpack and make sense of our new house (and deal with a couple surprise house guests [oh the mouse-ey joys of living in an old semi-rural farmhouse] in the mix).  Truthfully, I really have no real reasonable excuse for my quasi-absence lately.  I’ve just been a really bad blogger.

Which makes me sad!  I love my blog!  I love getting up early on a Saturday and sitting down with a cup of coffee and a big bowl of soup (yes, I love soup for breakfast.  Weird?  Sorta.  But so warm and tasty on an early winter morning!) and typing my (sometimes odd) little thoughts out somewhere that’s all mine.  I love wandering around my house with my rather amateur little point-and-shoot and capturing the projects we’re working on or recipes I’m trying or (in most recent history) plans we’re making to improve our currently rather sad-looking humble old mauve abode.

I love being a blogger.

So what to do?  I could quit my job and concentrate on blogging, however Sweetie and I aren’t really in a financial position where it’s reasonable for one of us to stay home full time (although there’s nothing I’d love more than to blog and cook and work on the house all day every day.)  (Oh, how I really should have been a little 1950’s housewife.)  (Wistful sigh…)  Or I could spend every non-working waking moment writing blog posts, but, honestly, I’m exhausted when I come home from work each day, and, sadly, a tired Melissa isn’t a particularly creative Melissa (and I much prefer to lovingly dedicate my weekend mornings to writing, laptop in lap, coffee in hand, and soup being all delicious and stuff on the coffeetable.)

Or I could keep humming along with one happy little post per week (sometimes two if I have a little extra time!) and hope that y’all understand that I’m doing what I can at the moment and would love to write more but just can’t seem to fit it in right now.  As much as I desperately yearn to write more (especially as we start working on this house and begin turning it into an amazing home), one post per week seems to be what’s manageable for me at the moment.

For now at least.  We’ll see what sort of blogging future 2014 holds.  :)


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Our lovely new lock (and delightful new door knob)

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Sometime last week the door handle on our front door tragically stopped working.  It wasn’t entirely a surprise.  We’d been having problems with it on and off since moving to this house a couple months ago, but last week: it full-out broke.  Bit the dust.  Went swimming with the fishes.  Which, in turn, made the act of getting into our house a wee bit challenging (and a whole lot frustrating.)

However, this was all sorta ok with me.  The gross truth?  Our old door hardware was gold.  And not nice, brushed, fancy-pants, classy-looking gold.  Nope.  It was shiny, bright yellow, rather unconvincing (and exceedingly obnoxious) gold.

Entryway with gold doorknob and red chair

And, at some point, somehow, the set had become really bashed up.

Ugly gold doorknob

I know why the previous owners had chosen gold: the decorative insert window-thingy (pretty sure that’s the technical term) in our front door is gold.  So matching gold with more gold is indeed the obvious (albeit ugly) solution.

Burgundy front door with gold doorknob handle and lock

However, I’m not a huge fan of gold.  (I KNOW.  Gold everything is coming back.  I’m resisting.)  And I knew there must be another match out there.  Something that would still look ok with the gold-laced door insert, without being so…  14-carat-ish.

Here is our non-gold, oil rubbed bronze, lovely-looking brand spanking new door set…

White door with oil rubbed bronze door knob and lock

Pretty, eh?  It’s such a small change, but I think it makes a huge difference.

Oil rubbed bronze door knob and lock on white door ORB

(Although the door could really use a coat of paint.)  (And, well, the trim too…)

(And the door’s exterior will one day [ie: as soon as door painting weather returns] be way less red.)

Red door with ORB hardware and gold window

(And the street numbers are overdue for a desperately needed de-goldification too…)

But am I happy?  OUI.  So happy!  I did a little celebratory happy dance in my living room when Sweetie had everything installed and called me in to inspect, in fact.  And I now want to change all of our obnoxious gold doorknobs (sadly, we’ve inherited quite a few) to this lovely dark ORB colour.  Could be a bit costly (sadly, door hardware is a little ridiculous!) but it will look amazing.  :)

Dear Santa: for Christmas I’d like doorknobs.  Lots and lots of doorknobs.

Weird.  But true.  :)


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