A little bit about us :)

Hello!  Thanks for finding me!  I’m Melissa to most, Mel to my friends from my university years, MJ to a select few, and Joy in my head (is that weird?)  Joy is my middle name but I’ve always associated with Joy – I can’t really explain it, but it’s a huge part of who I am (thank you mom and dad!)  I love cats (we have two – Jacob [orange kind] and Loki [long-furred super-affectionate black kind.])  And cardigans (seriously – I seek them out at stores and buy them in bulk – they’re versatile [instant dressy-er-ness to any jeans and t-shirt combo], practical [too warm? Take it off.  Too cold?  Put it back on.  Poof!  Easy climate control] and rather girly [and, well, I'm definitely a girly-girl.])  And I also love my hubby, Sweetie (he has a real name, I think, but I’ve been referring to him as Sweetie since, like, our second date eleven years ago.  He’s pretty darn wonderful.)  We (my cats, my cardigans, and my Sweetie) live in Cambridge Ontario Canada in a happy little 1940s fixer-upper (that we’re working hard to fix-up!)  This blog is the story of my many random (rather rambling) thoughts, place where I oooh-and-ahhhh over Pinterest finds (so much awesomeness on Pinterest!), and where I chronicle the fixing-upping of our cute little happy house.  Thank you so much for visiting!