A new year, a new blog. And maybe a new floor for my kitchen. But that’s another post.

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Happy New Year!  Well, as of tonight.  So, maybe more appropriately, Happy New Year’s Eve! (?)  I dunno.  The semantics of the whole thing confuse me just a wee bit.  Let’s suffice it to say happy SOMETHING – afterall, there’s so much to be happy about this time of year.  The post-Christmas bliss that’s still floating around.  The snow (so pretty!)  That my loved ones are all happy and healthy.  That I have a snoring orange cat at my feet as I type this.  For coffee…  But I digress.  (I often do.  I’m a bit of a rambler.  You’ll see.  Sorry about that, by the way, in advance.)  (I also really like parentheses.  Like, a lot.  Sorry about that too!)

So here is post numero uno for my blog.  I’m assuming this first post is the hardest right?  I don’t yet have a specific goal with this whole blog-thing – it’s more of an outlet for the random thoughts (there are LOTS of them – consider yourself warned) that pop into my head, things I find interesting, a place to share our ongoing renos to our super cute (ie: quite tiny but in a lovely way) 1940s fixer-upper, to gush about how crazy awesome my two cats are (apologies in advance for that too lol), to chat about recipes I’ve found during my many (many) hours pouring over Pinterest (oh Pinterest, how I adore thee…) and that sort of thing.

SO (oh!  And I often start new thoughts with “so”. Not sure why.  Just always have.  I might try and curb that habit a bit…) here is my first blog post ever.  Yay!  And, um, tada!  More posts likely to follow.  I hope.  And I’ll try to choose actual TOPICS for future posts, and keep rambling to a minimum.  In the meantime, Happy New Year!  And thank you so much for finding me and reading this!  2012 is going to rock – I’m pretty sure of it.


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