Project Laundry Room: Part Two (aka the quest for a pretty little laundry room continues)

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Now that Project Laundry Room: Part One (aka purchase pretty new machines) is complete (yay!), so begins Part Two.  Which will be a lot more work, methinks.  But likely worth it.  I hope.  I can’t imagine putting such beautiful machines (I looooove my new washer and dryer.  Almost as much as Sweetie.)  (Ok, not really…)  (Um, yeah… ok, really…) in such a dreary little laundry room.  It’s just not right.  I won’t have it.  The room needs to be worthy of my lovely new machines. :)

Just to give you the pretty before the ugly (to lessen the shock a wee bit), here are a couple pics of what I’d like my laundry room to look like…

Lovely laundry room courtesy of Cameras and Chaos - looove the wall colour and chandelier

One Nutty Girl's practical (and pretty!) laundry room - definitely going to add a drying rod in there somewhere

Annnnnnnd here are a few pics of my tiiiiiny little laundry room as of this morning (be warned – she ain’t pretty and I didn’t do any staging or anything pre-shoot [but likely should have]):

This is what you're greeted with when you open my laundry room door...

If you look to your left, here sits the offending washer machine that started this whole project. And the cat carrier filled with cat towels.

And to your right is the dryer (aka the landing place for miscellaneous stuff) and some pieces of drywall. Because the laundry room is the obvious place for random drywall bits.

ACK.  Frightening eh?  I suppose I could have tidied up a little pre-camera (ignore all the stuff on the dryer – not even sure what all that is.)  At least I spared you shots of the litterbox that’s hidden in the corner of the room (you’re welcome!)  All in all, the room is ridiculously small.  Maybe 5 feet wide (maybe) by 8 feet long (also maybe.)  And it’s dark (oh how wonderful it’d be to have a window in there!)  And icky (painted concrete floors and primed-drywall walls aren’t particularly inviting.)  And not at all pretty.  But I’m hoping for a quasi laundry room miracle here!  The new (again: lovely!) machines will help lots.  And I’m planning to slap leftover BM Gossamer Blue paint (from our dining room redo) on the walls, which should definitely up the prettiness factor by, like, a gazillion.  Add a few white shelves above the machines, and clear out the army of paint cans all over the floor (oooooooh!  Sudden inspiration: or hide them under the laundry tub with a pretty little under-laundry-tub curtain!) and I might actually have a pretty-ish room.  Fingers crossed!  I have SIX DAYS till the new machines arrive.  SIX.  Doable, no?

Kinda excited about all this.  Dreary laundry room, be gone!  Poof!  (Waving imaginary magic wand…)

(Crap.  It’s still there.  K.  Off I go to paint.)

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