The stairwell saga (aka: it’s the weekend so, obviously, I’m painting :)

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Happy Friday!  It’s (nearly) the weekend!  Yay!  Which means it’s back to painting for me (painting is my weekend hobby – some people read, others socialize… me?  I paint.)  My current project is the stairwell leading to our second floor.  I can’t say it’s a particularly inspiring project.  The colour I’m using (BM Edgecomb Gray to match the downstairs hallway and living room) is nearly identical to the existing colour (so I’m pretty certain that the “WOW” moment [you know - when you peel away the painters' tape to reveal a fresh new awesome colour on your walls and kinda stand back to marvel in all the loveliness for a sec] will be somewhat lacking) but the walls were pretty beat up and dinged and dingy looking, so they will look BETTER at least.  Even if I’m the only one who knows it.  Just to demonstrate, here’s the stairwell (looking down toward the first floor) mid-patching job…

The long white patches are covering cracks. Oh plaster walls - why must you be so difficult?

(Sorry about the crazy dark/awkward image btw.  Blogging lesson learned: do not try to take good photos of a tiny dark stairwell while standing in a tiny dark stairwell after dark.)  Not sure what, exactly, the previous owners of this house were up to in their stairwell, but whatever it was it made a pretty decent mess of the walls.  Plus there were several good-sized cracks that needed patching (oh the joys of living in a house with plaster walls) and a big indentation in the ceiling at the top of the stairs where previous (and, ehem, rather lazy) owners painted (we’re talking multiple layers of paint) AROUND the lovely boob-light (which, obviously, is being replaced) and smoke alarm (which is also being replaced.  Who knows how old the existing one is…  And plus, it’s an icky dirty-ivory-ish colour.  A nice fresh bright white one will look way prettier!)  (Or at least as pretty as a smoke alarm can look. :)

So there it is.  My project for this weekend!  I can’t say I’m particularly excited about this one.  It’s one of those things I’m doing because I SHOULD, not because I’m particularly inspired by my stairwell LOL.  Although, that said, the quest for a new light for the top of the stairs is a bit exciting.  Yes – lighting makes me happy.  I’m a little odd like that.  :)

Happy weekend!!!


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