You know you have a problem when… (alternate post title: blinds on the brain)

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Just got to work.  Which means I shouldn’t be blogging – I should be WORKING (so shhhhhhhh!)  But I was thinking the whole drive here (a good 50 minutes worth of thought) about blinds.  Yep.  I have a problem – a mild decorating obsession – I think. (But I’m ok with that.)

I took the ugliest EVER brown (tan maybe?) (I think it was once brown…  Now it’s just icky) roman blind down from our back door over the holidays.  FINALLY.  I can’t believe it left it up so long (it was a remaining remnant from the previous decor-challenged and potentially colourblind owners.)  It didn’t match anything (the back room is grey, bordering on lilac) (for the moment, at least – that’s the one main floor room yet to be painted.  You can bet paint will be slapping on those walls verrry shortly) and it just looked…  gross.  Dirty.  I think it’s the colour (refer back to previous description attempting to determine actual colour of said blind.)

I’ve seen a lot of diy roman blind tutorials in the past, and while the results are awesome they all look…  tricky.  I dunno.  Call me lazy but none of them have looked like projects I can really get excited about trying.  I like quick results with minimal struggle.  :)  So, without a second thought, I was going to simply throw the old blind out and get a new one (I know – I’m cringing too.  I HATE throwing otherwise quasi-useful things out.)

But then it dawned on me (getting back to my 50 blissful minutes of thought en route to work this morning.)  Could I just sew a new piece of (lovely!) fabric on top of the old blind?  It’d likely be cheaper than buying a new blind (I’d just have to find fabric I like for the room) and it’d be the environmental solution (since I wouldn’t be throwing away a perfectly functional, albeit ugly, blind.)

Hmmm…  This might be worth trying.  :)


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