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My apron obsession (confessions of a 1950s housewife wannabe)

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I have a secret…  I love aprons.  Vintage aprons, new aprons, half-aprons, full aprons…  Yup.  I love them all.  If I had the cupboard space, I’d have a kitchen drawer lovingly reserved just for all my aprons.  It’s a little odd, I know.  But there’s just something so quaint and nostalgic and wonderful about wearing an apron (and it’s really no secret that I was born in the wrong era… oh, to be a 1950s housewife, complete with pearls, an early generation Hoover, and a copy of The Joy of Cooking by my side!)  Plus, aprons are pretty and uber girly.  :)  And let’s not dispel the whole practical-ness factor (need to bake a pie in your finest cocktail dress?  Don an apron.  Poof!  You’re instantly classy, and your frilly frock will stay flour-free!)  Yup.  I think my obsession is a combination of all of the above.  I can’t help it.  And, really, I don’t mind.  :)

Last night, I found this from the fine folk at ModCloth

ModCloth apron yellow gingham pink flower

…and I squealed just a little.  The (yellow!) gingham.  The adorable piping.  The little flouncy flair (technical term) at the bottom.  That flower…  Yep.  I may indeed need this (ie, I’ve already hit the big ol’ BUY button.)

And, well, I couldn’t stop there.  So I took a quick trip over to Etsy (it’s like apron-Mecca over there.)  LOOK at all the loveliness I found!

PolitelyPink seems to suggest that pearls are a perfectly reasonable accessory to their classy (and sooooo lovely) apron.  To which I say: ok!  :)  (Topless [but accessorized] dress form alert!)

teal and brown half apron

The super sweet Paisley apron from Bolts and Yards Fabric (eee!  Hello pompom fringe!) makes me want to whip up a big batch of chocolate chip cookies…

Retro reversible apron yellow and brown

Then there’s the absolutely perfect Pretty-in-Pink apron from Dear Edna‘s shop…

Pink and gold apron retro

And there are lots and lots and lots more.  Must.  Remove.  Self.  From.  Etsy.  Too.  Much.  Loveliness.  (Happy sigh.)

Now please excuse me while I go find my pearls.  :)

PS – Sweetie swears that the Joy of Cooking is the best cookbook ever.  He says that any cookbook that covers everything from squash to squirrel is pretty darn awesome.  And, that considered, perhaps he’d make a really good 1950s husband (although I think we’ll both probably pass on the squirrel.)  (Blek.)

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