Fancying up the kitchen (the three Rs: Rugs, Radios, and hickoRy flooRs)

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(Ok…  That third R was a bit of a stretch…)  (and technically that’s four Rs…)

The other day, I posted about how excited we were to have made a decision on flooring for our kitchen.  When you live in a house with blue 1980s-era peel and stick tile in your kitchen, the prospect of new flooring is a happy one indeed.  Here’s what we’ve decided on (with a Stonington Gray paintchip to represent our walls, and the countertop we’re considering too…)

And, just as a reminder of the current state of our kitchen, here’s what she looks like (with all her 1940s lovelieness)…

BM Stonington Gray kitchen Snowfall White cupboards trim 1940s

(In case you’re wondering, let’s consider this a stock image.  The mirror above the stove, as you may remember from earlier this week, is now above the fancy faux-fireplace in our living room.  And the pantry has had a little redo since too…  But it’s rather dreary here at the moment, and my kitchen wasn’t feeling particularly photogenic today [ie: I got super lazy and didn't do the dishes last night.]  Rest assured, though, it still sortof looks like this.  :)

Flooring chosen (and little happy dance danced), the folk at Urban Outfitters have now let me know that there’s something else my kitchen needs.  Look what I found while randomly wandering around the Urban Outfitters site the other night…

Urban Outfitters rug kitchen floral flowers bright print

I won’t lie: I got super excited.  But just as I was about to hit the big blissful “BUY” button, I noticed the following words (in mocking red print): Back Order.  Until June.  And then I got super sad.  Grumble.  (Perhaps I’m not the only one who feels that a cheery little rug could be the perfect companion for a happy little kitchen.)  Nonetheless (and because I’ve been thinking about it nonstop for the last few days) (some people think about politics in their spare time, others worry about global warming…  Me?  I obsess over rugs) (well, and global warming) I’m pretty certain I’ll just give in and buy the backordered little rug and wait (somewhat) patiently until June.  June is only two months away afterall.  And that’s only 60-ish days.  I can wait that long.  Really.  :)

My other (waaay more extravagant) kitchen-want of the moment?  I want a Tivoli.  SO BAD.  See the spot above my sink (where the silver radio resides currently)…

Kitchen 1940s BM Stonington Gray Snowfall White cupboards

…that there spot would really like a Tivoli please.  :)  The little silver radio is perfectly functional, but just imagine how lovely this would look in its place…

Tivoli in white for my kitchen

…or this sexy silver-faced version (dear silver Tivoli, I love you)…

Tivoli radio silver

Oooh.  Or this one…

Tivoli radio black and silver

…and, well, I know I currently have nothing yellow in my kitchen, but c’mon – how ridiculously cheery is THIS…

Tivoli radio yellow and white

…and don’t even get me started on the blue one.  (Oh how I adore the blue one!)

Tivoli kitchen Atlantic Blue radio


Admittedly, it’s not the most practical purchase ever.  Ok, it’s not a practical purchase AT ALL.  Really, who needs a $200-ish radio for their kitchen.  Probably (alright, definitely) not me.  And I will likely never push the big fat “BUY” button for this purchase (since, well, I could floor most of my kitchen for that same $200.  Or feed Sweetie and me for a month.  Or repaint my entire second floor. Etc.)  But a girl can dream, non?

So there you have it!  My mid-week roundup of the stuff I’d really like to put in my kitchen.  We could seriously make this a weekly event, I think.  The internet is evil.  But so good.  Kind of like poutine – I know quite well that a big bowl of french fries smothered in gravy and cheese is hardly a healthy food, but sometimes poutine just calls to me.  And I can’t resist.  The internet is the same.  Minus the clogged arteries and expanding waistline.

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