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It’s the most wonderful time of the year (welcome back, beloved fall!)

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I ADORE fall.  Like, I’d hug it if I could.  Absurd, yes, but true.  It’s my absolute favourite season (for reasons I divulged a bit here.)  I just wish it lasted longer…  Here in Southwestern Ontario we seem to go from super hot/humid/gross/summer temperatures, straight into a measly 2-3 weeks of perfect and amazing fall-like weather (bliss!), to snow/cold/wintery/icky weather far too fast.  Mother Nature is a bit cruel that way.  But I appreciate the short-lived autumn loveliness nonetheless!

With the official dawn of fall this weekend (hooray!), I officially engaged in Project Fall-er-ize.  What does this all entail?  Let me show you!  (And yes, I’m ridiculously excited about all this – it’s strange, I know.)  There are 4 official steps…

1. Mums make everything fall-ier

I adore mums.  Or, specifically: yellow mums.  So cheery!  So happy!  So exceedingly fall-ish!  Sweetie bought me two little pots of yellow mums last week.

Yellow mums front porch red brick teal door

They’re not super huge, but neither is our porch.  And they’re a little sad-looking right now, but you just wait till these puppies open up – it’ll be like a big explosion of yellow awesomeness.  They’re perfect!  (Although I may see if there’s some way I can snazz up the boring basic black plastic pots they came in a wee bit.  Crafting project of some yet-undetermined sort to follow?  Possibly.)  :)


2. The big quarterly purse-swap

I’m not one of those people who has a purse for every outfit (although I’d really like to be.)  Instead, I take the lazy route: a purse for every season!  And fall makes me happy because I absolutely adore my fall handbag.

Fall purse from etsy seller Shannon at Shanionie

The orange and chocolate brown…  The big wooden button…  Swoon!  Doesn’t this just scream “hello fall!”?  It was made from an old skirt (hooray for recycling!) by amazing etsy-er Shannon at Shanionie.  I’ve since purchased several other handbags from her…  and will definitely be back for more!


3.  Is that apple pie I smell?  (Aka making the house smell fall-y)

I loooooove baking, and I love the way our house smells post bake-fest (a bi-weekly event, of course.)  But sometimes I cheat just a little.  This weekend, in celebration of fall, I started a new Baked Apple Pie cube in my Scentsy.

Baked apple pie Heirloom Scentsy

My house now smells like a delicious apple pie-making factory (sans apple-peeling and dough-rolling thankfully.)  Yummm.  It’s the perfect fall scent.  :)

(PS – I swear – no walls in my house are pink!  Lesson learned?  Never wear a fuchsia hoodie while taking pictures of your Scentsy.)


4.  I like it so I’m gonna put a wreath on it!

(I’m pretty sure somewhere Beyonce is cringing right now.)

I’ve had my fall wreath for many many many years.  It’s sun-faded, and half the leaves/berries/doodads have fallen off, but I still absolutely love it.  The (now less-vibrant but still rather lovely) orange and green and brown colours make me happy!

Fall wreath Benjamin Moore Schooner front door

My front door is painted Benjamin Moore’s Schooner btw.  It’s a bit darker/bolder/prettier in person than in the pic above.  I think it looks lovely with all that (slightly faded) fall wreathiness!

Fall wreath front door Benjamin Moore Schooner


And tada!  Poof!  Weekend fallerization project complete.  :)  Come October (so, well, next weekend) there may be some (k, lots of) pumpkins added to the mix.  (Truthfully, Sweetie and I have a weird pumpkin-obsession.  Growing, carving, seed-roasting…  Just another reason I adore fall!)  In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy this likely too short but lovely little fallish spell we’re having.

And maybe hug a tree or two too.  While wearing my fall purse.  :)


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Front porch painting panic (public projects are positively petrifying)

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Alliteration aside (all that made me feel practically poetic!) I am indeed rather intimidated by my next painting project: the front porch.  Which is likely why I’ve been avoiding it all year so far (and, well, all LAST year too.)  But it’s now make-it-or-break-it time.  Use-it-or-lose-it time.  I need to make hay while the sun shines.  Be that early bird who catches the little worm.  (And yes, quoting miscellaneous cliches is indeed my way of stalling) (although it’s not a particularly effective one.)  The nights are starting to get super chilly now that September is here, and there isn’t going to be much porch painting weather left.  And it really does need to be done.  So I should probably get this project started.  Soon.  Terrified or not.

Why is front porch painting so intimidating?  I think it’s because it’s such a public project.  If I paint a room INSIDE of my house and then discover that I had some weird moment of insanity and chose very very wrongly, paint-colour-wise, me and Sweetie (and the cats, but they’re pretty indifferent to most paint colours) are the only ones who will know, and I can quickly hang my head in shame and scurry off to the nearest paint store and try again.  However if my front porch looks ridiculous post-paint job, my neighbours and everyone passing by will all know I made a porch painting blunder.  Ack.  Mortifying, I know.

Here’s what my porch looks like at present…

Little 1940s red brick house

See why it needs repainting?  It was stained a rather poopy (technical term) brown before we moved in.  And that colour drives me a wee bit bonkers.  It makes the entrance to our house look really dark and uninviting.  (Would you want to hang out on a poopy-coloured porch?  Nope.  Me neither.  See my point?)

(And yes, that sad little bush out front is indeed dead [there are actually two of them, truth be told.]  They were little green troopers last summer, but for some reason they just didn’t make it this year.  Poor little guys.  They’ll likely be replaced by a couple lovely drawf cedars [or something equally foolproof-ish to grow] shortly.)

So the big debate?  (That I’m having only with myself, of course.)  (Well, with myself and with my friend Shawn who told me to just pick a colour and stop obsessing already.)  (He’s way more decisive than I am, obviously.)  To restain or paint.  And then (next question): what colour(s) should I go with?  Do I go with all one colour all over the porch?  Or do I paint the top lighter, and maybe stain/paint the skirt/porch floor darker?  And what will the neighbours all think?

Insert absolutely agonized sigh here.

Needless to say, I’m running out of indecisiveness-time.

Update to follow.  Soon.  Maybe.  I hope.


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And now for something completely different (but something completely amazing)

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Once upon a time (we’re talking actual decades ago now, and more than just one) (which makes me feel exceedingly old, btw), a girl (well, me) met a very special boy (my Shawn.)  The details of this meeting have been well-documented and what seemed like an insignificant exchange of words at the time has since become a lifelong friendship.  And I’m pretty thankful for that.  :)

Then, one day, boy had an idea.  Boy had always been a good person.  That was indisputable.  But he felt an innate need to help others using the incredible talents he’d been given (at least this is how I imagine the internal dialogue went, knowing boy very well and for so many years.)

The result?

The Drawing Hope Project.

My friend is truly amazing.  I’m unbelievably proud of him.

Please watch!  Please share!

Thank you!  :)


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Nervous nellies never get new floors (yet another kitchen floor post)

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Let’s chat about my kitchen floor again, shall we?  I mean, it’s been at least a good month since I last obsessed over my floor (publicly at least…)  So, all thing considered, I’m actually way overdue for a kitchen floor post.  :)

Today’s kitchen flooring option for consideration?


Yep.  I’m thinking about going with classic black and white tiles now.  Why?  In all honesty?  Cost.  I found peel and stick solid black and solid white linoleum (or whatever peel and stick-ers are made out of) tiles at Home Depot a couple days ago for about 50 cents each.  At that price, I could redo my entire floor for about 50 buckeroonies!  As you can imagine, my head has been a-whirlin with the possibilities.

Just to remind you of how dire my floor situation is, here’s a shot of my kitchen as of this morning (in all her ugly-floored glory)…

Ugly peel and stick kitchen floor

I’m not necessarily looking at the peel and stick checkerboard option as a permanent solution, but it would be a super cheap fix while we’re saving up for (and, well, deciding on) whatever our permanent floor will be.  And it would be EASY to put down.  If I don’t go on a diagonal with the tiles (or anything fancy-pants like that) and just stick to a plain old grid pattern, I could simply use the existing peel and stick tiles as a guide.  I’m guessing…  two hours tops to put the entire floor down.  Maybe.  If that.  We’re talking instant gratification to the tune of $50.

BUT, (as always) I have some reservations.

Reservation #1: I’ve read that the checkboard pattern shows EVERY spec of dirt that falls on the floor.  And I can imagine this is very true (particularly with the white squares.)  Not that I’m against religious sweeping and washing of my floors – just call me Susie Homemaker because I’m a little OCD about that sort of thing.  But I’m wondering if floors that show every single crumb (or piece of cat fur) that falls might push me over the edge.

Reservation #2: My kitchen is PRETTY.  And I want it to stay a pretty little spot (it makes me happy!)  The black and white checkerboard might be a little too… busy and loud for me.  The last thing I want is a floor that screams “Helloooo!  Welcome to our house!  Look at me!  I’m a checkerboard floor!” every time someone walks through our front door.  (Nobody likes being hollered at by an overbearing floor.)

Reservation #3: Maybe I should just hold out for the floors I really want (you know, the ones that I haven’t yet decided on) rather than settling for a temporary fix for the time being.  Although, that said, with potentially only a two hour and a 50 loonie investment, why not make things BETTER for the next little bit while waiting for the flooring I really want?

Hmmmm…  Sigh.  I’m undecided.  Of course.

But, in lieu of an actual decision, here are some black and white floors that I do indeed love!

From Brown Button

Black and white checkerboard kitchen floor - Brown Button

…this gives me hope that a black and white checkered floor could indeed look serene (and not screamy!) in my space.  :)

And I love this diagonally-laid floor, courtesy of the Marion House Book

Black and white checkerboard kitchen floor on diagonal

…coupled with the older cupboards, this makes me think a checkerboard floor could in fact work in my space!

And here is a different take on the traditional checkerboard pattern that I love, from my fellow Canucks over at The Sweetest Digs

Black and white striped kitchen floor with peel and stick tiles

…they used the exact same inexpensive peel-em-and-stick-em tiles that I’m contemplating from Home Depot.  It’s not a traditional checkerboard pattern, but I absolutely adore how their floor turned out!

So…  all that loveliness aside, will a black and white floor be in my future?  I’m undecided.  (Yes, big surprise.)  I adore all of the above floors (A LOT) but I’m just not sure if it’ll look as nice in my space.

(Do you see yet another kitchen floor post coming in the future?  Yep.  Me too.  This is definitely not the last time we’ll be chatting about my floor…)


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Birds of a feather sit on fake fireplace mantels together (alternate and equally cheesy title: hi hi birdies!) (groan, I know)

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Look!  Look what I got!

BM Edgecomb Gray living room with fireplace, round mirror and ceramic birds

Don’t see them?  K!  Let’s look a little closer…

Fake fireplace mantel in Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray living room

Small ceramic birds

Yep!  That’s right.  Perched atop of beloved Molly Ringwald’s Getting the Pretty Back (Dear Molly: you rock btw!) are my two new cheerful ceramic (porcelain?  Not sure about that one) little birds.  I heart them!  They were only 3 bucks each at Bouclair, and I don’t know why I love them so much…  I just do.

Ceramic birds

I figure the larger bird represents Sweetie, and the smaller one is me.  If you want to get all philosophical about it.

Little white ceramic birds from bouclair

Sigh.  Avian adorableness.  :)

That’s all!  Just thought I’d share my most recent (and potentially most adorable) little purchase.  To clarify, I don’t really have a bird thing, or a ceramic (porcelain?) animals thing.  But these two little beauties make me happy!  Apparently I’m rather easily won over by the cheap, cheerful, and chirpy.  :)


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