Mr Agent, list this house! (in my head that was totally in Ty Pennington’s voice btw)

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So we’ve finally (FINALLY!) reached the end of our pre-house-listing project list.  Yay!  Like pretty much everything I do, it’s taken us far longer to get the house ready to sell than I ever thought it would (my initial prediction?  Two weeks.  The reality?  Two months.)  Our (rather patient) agent has been ready to list us for eons now, and he enthusiastically plunked the For Sale sign on our lawn almost two weeks ago, thinking it’d only be a couple more days before we made everything official.  And there are still a gazillion touch ups I’d like to do, and little places and nooks that I glance at and think “Gee, I should totally do something with that – what if a possible house buyer sees the scuff on that wall/chip in that windowsill/tiny little spec of dried up renegade paint on the floor…”  But house-selling season is quickly waning.  And we’ve come to the point where we just need to declare (outloud and from the front porch – it keeps the neighbours on their toes) “Good enough!” and put everything in fate’s hands and hope that someone else falls in love with the house the way we did two and a half years ago.

Red brick house for sale sign on sunny day

This whole house-selling thing makes me sad, truth be told.  Sweetie and I have had a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that we’re selling our beloved little 1940s house.  Sure, we’ve chatted for the past year or so about possibly someday moving back to an area that’s closer to a lot of our friends and our families.  But we weren’t at all planning a move this year.  And, as a result, neither of us are in the mindset to get excited about moving.  We’re moving because we need to.  Because of finances and work opportunities and what makes the most logical sense for us right now.  Not because we want to.

It really sorta sucks.

But everything will be ok.  And it is a new little adventure.  And, when it comes right down to it: it’s just a house.  We’ll make a home somewhere else.  There will be new projects, maybe a new community to explore, and lots of amazing new memories made.  I have my Sweetie, I have my cats, I have my health, and the people I love are happy and healthy too.  And, really, that’s all that really matters.

And, who knows: maybe our next place will even come equipped with a dishwasher.  Change is good.  :)


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2 comments on “Mr Agent, list this house! (in my head that was totally in Ty Pennington’s voice btw)

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