It happened: we’re cute-little-1940s-house free (warning: wistful sappyness alert) (it had to happen sooner or later)

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It’s official.

We’ve moved.

We packed like crazy people and closed the door on our perfect little 1940s house for good last Tuesday.  It was a whirlwind move – with a mere two week closing, we didn’t have a great deal of time to sort through items and carefully pack them away.  The nearer our closing day crept, the more liberally we employed the “toss things in boxes and deal with it later” sort of moving strategy.  I watched as the house I worked so hard to put together was rather swiftly disassembled and stuffed into boxes.  And while I’m thankful that we found our cute little 1940s house, I’m so sad that we had to leave.  It was a good house.  It provided us with so many memories in the short two and a half years we called it home, which, I suppose, is the best gift a house can really give.

Empty living room in Edgecomb Gray - moving woes

And, a few days later, all of our stuff is now in storage.  And we’re living with family.

I’ve gotta be honest: we feel a little defeated.

Don’t get me wrong – I am so exceedingly thankful to our amazing families for letting us stay with them during this transition period.  I don’t know what we would have done otherwise!  And I love that we’re getting to spend some extended time with our parents.  It’s a bit like being home from university during summer vacation.  It’s pretty wonderful.

But, it’s a bit stressful too.  We no longer have our own little routine.  We no longer have our own space.  We’re grown up children living in our parents’ homes.

I’m sure it’s a little (and possibly a lot) stressful for our parents too.

And we still haven’t found our next home.  Despite that we’d found THIS house, a lovely house that offered us the perfect location, ultimately we walked away due to possible structural issues and an ongoing nagging feeling that something maybe just wasn’t quite right.  Sometimes you need to trust your gut.  The older I get, the more I realize that intuition is more often than not pretty bang on.  That wasn’t our house.  Neither of us is entirely sure why, but we just knew it wasn’t for us.  We’ll know when we find the right one.

Let the house hunting frenzy begin.  :)


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