Preparing for tomorrow (happy house-owning eve to us!)

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Tomorrow we (finally!) get possession of the old mauve house.

Tomorrow I’ll do my very first happy dance in my new (sadly, mossy green-painted) living room.

Tomorrow I’ll gain access to a fully functioning kitchen and return to cooking and baking and all those sorts of lovely and ridiculously domestic things that make me feel a bit like a 1950s housewife (oh, how I’d love to be a little 1950s housewife!)

Tomorrow we’ll be able to sleep in our own bed on our own mattress in our own room for the first time in three long months.

Tomorrow we’ll once again have walls to paint, kitchen floors and countertops to obsess over, updated lighting to purchase, new windows to save for, and many many other renovations to plan.

Tomorrow we’ll reflect on the amazing generosity of the family members who have provided us with shelter and support during this period of in-between-ness.

Tomorrow we’ll set the cats free to explore their new domain for the first time.  Tomorrow I will keep my fingers crossed that neither Irwin nor Erik decides to be territorial.

Yep – there will be absolutely no peeing on anything tomorrow.

Tomorrow things get back to normal.

Tomorrow we start moving forward with life once again.

Tomorrow is really really really going to rock. :)


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