Our lovely new lock (and delightful new door knob)

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Sometime last week the door handle on our front door tragically stopped working.  It wasn’t entirely a surprise.  We’d been having problems with it on and off since moving to this house a couple months ago, but last week: it full-out broke.  Bit the dust.  Went swimming with the fishes.  Which, in turn, made the act of getting into our house a wee bit challenging (and a whole lot frustrating.)

However, this was all sorta ok with me.  The gross truth?  Our old door hardware was gold.  And not nice, brushed, fancy-pants, classy-looking gold.  Nope.  It was shiny, bright yellow, rather unconvincing (and exceedingly obnoxious) gold.

Entryway with gold doorknob and red chair

And, at some point, somehow, the set had become really bashed up.

Ugly gold doorknob

I know why the previous owners had chosen gold: the decorative insert window-thingy (pretty sure that’s the technical term) in our front door is gold.  So matching gold with more gold is indeed the obvious (albeit ugly) solution.

Burgundy front door with gold doorknob handle and lock

However, I’m not a huge fan of gold.  (I KNOW.  Gold everything is coming back.  I’m resisting.)  And I knew there must be another match out there.  Something that would still look ok with the gold-laced door insert, without being so…  14-carat-ish.

Here is our non-gold, oil rubbed bronze, lovely-looking brand spanking new door set…

White door with oil rubbed bronze door knob and lock

Pretty, eh?  It’s such a small change, but I think it makes a huge difference.

Oil rubbed bronze door knob and lock on white door ORB

(Although the door could really use a coat of paint.)  (And, well, the trim too…)

(And the door’s exterior will one day [ie: as soon as door painting weather returns] be way less red.)

Red door with ORB hardware and gold window

(And the street numbers are overdue for a desperately needed de-goldification too…)

But am I happy?  OUI.  So happy!  I did a little celebratory happy dance in my living room when Sweetie had everything installed and called me in to inspect, in fact.  And I now want to change all of our obnoxious gold doorknobs (sadly, we’ve inherited quite a few) to this lovely dark ORB colour.  Could be a bit costly (sadly, door hardware is a little ridiculous!) but it will look amazing.  :)

Dear Santa: for Christmas I’d like doorknobs.  Lots and lots of doorknobs.

Weird.  But true.  :)


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