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Nursery natterings (part one of… several) (since, well, I’m awful at making decisions) (and also because baby stuff is just so darn cute!)

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I am officially 22 weeks pregnant today.  Twenty-two!  How the heck did that happen?  It seems like I just finished a very nauseous weeks 8 through 12, and now, all of a sudden, I’m over half way to the finish line.  It’s so exciting!  But, honestly, so overwhelming at the same time.  There are registries to prepare.  There are maternity leaves to schedule.  There are no fewer than a gazillion cloth diapering systems to decipher (yep – call us crazy, but we’re going to give the wild and wacky world of cloth diapering a shot!)  And there are strollers and baby baths and car seats and boppy pillows and cribs and carriers and all sorts of foreign (to us not-yet initiated future baby-club parents, at least) stuff to research and plan and obsess about.

But my favourite pastime at the moment?  Nursery planning.  I know: swoon!  The colour options.  The decor.  The accessories.  Where the crib will go.  Mobile or bunting or both.  Sigh.  There are so many happy possibilities for the room that will one day contain someone so tiny but so important and so very very loved.  With about 18 weeks (insert panic attack HERE) left to go until my official due date, here’s the nursery inspiration pic (from blogger She Walks in Beauty) that I can’t stop looking at…

Pretty teal beige gray and green gender neutral nursery with bunting

So peaceful and lovely.  I absolutely adore this colour scheme.  A-DORE it.  We’re still undecided on whether we’ll find out the sex of little Baby in advance of the big day, but this soft teal-based colour scheme fits perfectly for either a little girl or a little dude (in my humble opinion, at least.)

Once baby makes his or her arrival, we can then add in some gender-specific colours to the mix, if we want.  Maybe a little navy and/or some bright lime-ish green if the bump turns out to be a boy, like this nursery from Spearmintbaby

Teal and lime green nursery with bunting and pinwheels

…or some coral-ly pink and yellow (like in this gorgeous nursery from CraftinessIsNotOptional) if I’m currently housing a baby girl.

Pretty girl's nursery with teal walls and coral and yellow accents

Either way, I can’t wait to get started.  Can’t wait!  And that’s probably where Part Two of this (likely drawn out due to indecisiveness) nursery natterings series will go.  Regardless of everything else that ends up in the nursery (and all the decisions yet to be made), teal is one of my absolute favourite colours.  I’m hoping that Baby (boy or girl) will really like it too.  :)


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Getting springy with it (a little organizing, a couple pretty print cushions, and a plethora of new curtains to freshen up our little mauve home)

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It’s official: I’ve come down with a serious case of spring fever.  After months and months of never-ending snow and cold (and more cold) (and more snow) and wind, the weather is (finally!) starting to suggest that the seasons have changed.  Maybe.  (Although, as I type this, I see evil little white frozen droplets of water softly falling outside my window.)  (Sigh.)  But I saw my first robin of the year last Thursday (on the first day of spring, in fact – he was a punctual little bird!)  And I suddenly have this unbelievable urge to clean and purge and renew and make the house pretty and lighter and fresher and lovelier.  These must be good, spring-is-near-type signs, right?

(Although all this might also just mean I’ve hit the “nesting” phase of pregnancy.  Does nesting feel a bit like uncontrollable and obsessive spring cleaning?  If so, consider me a momma bird eagerly vacuuming her happy little nest.)

First it was my loo: after months of cursing over our overflowing (and not particularly pretty) bathroom cabinet, I finally tidied it up last week.  I ruthlessly threw out any old or outdated cosmetics and prescriptions, and then made it a bit more organized (and way more user-friendly) using some random baskets (courtesy of Bouclair) that I already had kicking around.  The result?  A much less chaotic and cluttered little cabinet that is not only far prettier from the inside…

Bathroom cabinet organization

…but looks way nicer from the outside too.

Dark brown over toilet cabinet with frosted doors and cow photo

(I’m not a huge fan of these clear-ish frosted doors, btw.  These doors may eventually fall victim to a little DIY-ing.  Because, really, why would anyone want a semi-obscured glimpse at the inside our medicine cabinet?  The same medicine cabinet that, while tidy right now, will inevitably end up looking disheveled within a few weeks I’m sure.)  (It makes me super sad to type that, but, really, I’m a realist about these sorts of things.)

Organizing this tiny little utilitarian cabinet probably took less than half an hour, but it made me feel about a gazillion pounds lighter.  Like stripping away a big bulky winter coat.  And mitts.  And scarf.  And a super static-y winter toque that makes your hair all flooffy (techincal term) but you defiantly wear it anyway because, seriously, if you didn’t, your ears might actually fall off from the cold.  Good hair days be damned.

(Have I mentioned how much I dislike winter?  I really dislike winter.)

Next, I turned to my couch (which, btw, is overdue for its quarterly date with our washing machine.  Don’t look too closely.)

After months of looking at the same dark brown (and, admittedly, very boring) throw pillows, I turned to the brilliant, pillow-scouting buyers at HomeSense with a great deal of pillow-related optimism.

They did not let me down.  I found these…

Watercolour flower throw pillows in green and teal and blue

And I think my exact words at the time were “Oooooh.  You’re pretty.”  Does anyone else talk to decorative objects while out shopping?  I most certainly do.  It helps me to bond with the blankets, and create rapport with rugs.  In this particular case, I got a little complimentary with the cushions.  They didn’t mind.  And now they’re sitting happily on my couch, looking all spring-ish, like this…

White ektorp ikea sofa with green blue and gray cushions

Green living room with white ektorp ikea couch and green blue and teal cushions

Floral toss pillow by Newport

And, they almost match the spring placemats I pulled out of winter storage…

It’s textile fate.  It was meant to be.  :)

And, speaking of textiles, and continuing in my must-organize-and-improve-the-house-in-celebration-of-that-one-lonely-and-cold-looking-robin theme, I then went a little crazy at Ikea.  I purchased no fewer than six (six!) new sets of drapes for our living room/dining room (and all of the required curtain rods/brackets/fancy pieces to accompany said curtains too.)

Pictures of all this drapery actually hanging are still in progress (since, well, Baby decided I needed a day off from all this craziness and urged me to take a very long nap yesterday afternoon) but believe you me: it’ll be one epic and super happy day when the new curtains go up.  (Because the sparkly white sheers must go.)  (Immediately.)   You just wait!

So that’s the story of spring coming to our little mauve-coloured house.  At least so far.  There’s lots more cleaning and organizing and nursery-decorating and probably another trip to Ikea looming (yay!  I heart Ikea so much), but for now I’m happy with the progress made to date.

Now, please excuse me while I go play with my new, non-stark-white, living room drapes.  Whee!


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Why the paint ain’t a’flowin’ (a rather big important wonderful exciting and awesome announcement)

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Once upon a time, not so long ago, Sweetie and I bought a house.  A rather sad-looking, old, mauve-coloured house.  This house had a whole lot of P (for “potential!”), but was, admittedly, darn ugly.  Sweetie and I, being the brave house-buying home-renovating troopers that we are, bought the sad little house knowing that we could one day, with a whole lot of work and a little bit of updating, make her pretty once again.  Being ambitious folk with two previous homes under our belts (both of which started as fixer-uppers) we had high hopes for all of the loveliness we’d instill upon this new house, our ugly duckling soon-to-be-turned swan.

And then Sweetie and I received a little news.  Good news.  Fantastic and exciting news.  Unbelievably joyous and wonderful and life-changing news, in fact.  We were going to be parents, with Baby expected in early August 2014.  The future grandparents were thrilled, friends were ecstatic, and Sweetie and I were elated at the thought of becoming a family of three (five, if you count the cats) (which, of course, we do.)

Simple pregnancy maternity pic at 18 weeks plus 6 days

However, what has this news all meant to the fate of our poor little house?

Renovations have hardly begun.  Like, nada.  Nothing.  Zilch.  The kind of non-eventfulness that cues lowly crickets chirping in the background and spiderwebs forming around paint cans.

Why?  I’m one of those crazy pregnant ladies who is afraid to paint.  Yup.  I used to make fun of those people.  “Of course they can paint – that’s what low/no-VOC paints are for!” I’d exclaim rather pompously.  Silly lazy pregnant ladies – they can paint, they’re just being stubborn, I’d think.  But now that it’s my turn, my turn, and it’s the health of my baby (who I adore so much already) that could be affected, I’m totally wimping out.  I have been paintbrush-free since October, and I could very well remain paintbrush free until at least August, and likely much longer (because, honestly, I’m not fooling myself into believing I’ll be particularly productive during the first weeks of mommy-dom.  I’ll have other, far greater (and far cuter) priorities to tend to.)

It’s been quite the struggle, I have to admit.  I’ve painted throughout every single winter for the past nine years (nine years!), since we purchased our very first (wallpaper-filled and salmon-coloured-trim adorned) house way back in 2004.  Painting is what I do – it’s my hobby on weekends.  Some people relax by cooking.  Others unwind by reading or doing crossword puzzles or scrapbooking.  Me?  I paint.  And it makes me feel amazingly accomplished and proud to see progress unfolding with each paint-roller roll across my walls.

I’ve toyed with the idea of bringing someone in to paint our main floor, just to feel like some paint-related progress has been made, even if not by me, even if just to have the living room and dining room painted – the green is so dark and so strong and just so not us.  Our house doesn’t really feel like our home yet, because it doesn’t look like us.  At all.  There’s the (awful) mossy-green walls in the living room and dining room.  There’s the gold-coloured kitchen and stairwell (oh how I despise the gold!)  There’s the rather offensive red family room at the back of the house.  (Yes, red.  Bright red.  So bright that that room makes me feel a little uncomfortable.)  Our furniture and cats and clothes and interactions are all contained by the old mauve-coloured siding and under our big gray roof, but the house doesn’t at all feel like our home.  Yet.

But, it’s worth it.  It’s completely worth it.  It’s only nine months (and, really, only five-ish at this point).  I’ve given up wine (oh, wine, how I miss you!) and deli meat (despite crazy intense Subway cravings) and coffee (well, most of it at least) and anything that could potentially bring harm to my little growing baby…  I can handle a few months sans paint.  It’s our child.  And nothing is more important than that.  Not even ugly moss-green walls and an awful gold-coloured kitchen.

So, until paint returns to our house once again, we’ll be making little changes here and there.  The cosmetic non-stinky-chemical sort of changes.  Lights are being swapped out, a few loo improvements are looming, appropriately long non-sheer curtains will soon be in place, and a nursery is slowly unfolding upstairs.

And, truthfully, I suppose that home is where your family lives.  And our home will soon contain Sweetie, me, Irwin, Erik, and someone little and new and perfect, regardless of whether the walls are green and gold and red.

I can’t wait.  :)


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New light! New light! (for my bright blue eyes)

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If you’re scratching your forehead a bit (aside: do people actually do that when confused?  I’m more of a brow-furrower myself) at the random musical reference, here: watch this (somewhat creepy) video (for a very awesome song!)…

Oh Florence.  You rock, and I adore you (despite your rather dark music videos.)  (Seriously: the voodoo parts in that video really creep me out…)

But moving right along…

Random creepiness aside (sorry about all that), what else do I adore?  Our new living room ceiling light!  Remember our old light?

Green living room with faux fireplace and chandelier

Aka the heavy-looking, ill-placed, not-at-all us, noggin-knocker (since Sweetie bonked his head off of it no fewer than about a gazillion times?)  Gone.  Gone!  And replaced by something much much lovelier (and melon-safe).  Specifically, this:

Gold coloured drum shade semi-flush living room light with ORB

It was cheap.  It is cheerful.  It just seems to fit in our living room.  It makes me very happy.

And did I mention it was cheap?  It was only $44.97 from my favourite folks over at Home Depot.  It’s the Hampton Bay 2-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Glenburn Semi-Flush Drum, to be exact.  On the website, it looks like this…

Drum pendant in ORB by Hampton Bay at Home Depot - Living Room light

…and I think it fits perfectly in our space.  So perfectly that I actually bought a second one to replace the light at the top of our stairs.  (Don’t even get me started on the light that’s currently up there – that’s a whole other story for a whole other post.  Let’s suffice it to say that the existing light is quite the monstrosity.  Sort of gothic.  Sort of antique-y.  Exceedingly ugly.)

For now I’m quite pleased with this small (but significant!) improvement.

Green living room with faux fireplace and semi-flush pendant with medallion

Next, on to other, much needed living room improvements.  Like, um, colour?  The dark mossy green is starting to get under my skin.  A lot.  It’s so dark, it’s very dreary, and it’s just not us.  And, after the winter we’ve had around here (could it be that spring has finally – fiiiinalllly – almost arrived?) I think I need a little more lightness-and-airyness in my life (and a lot less drab-and-darkness.)

Yep, coming soon to a living room near me?  A little bit of Edgecomb Gray!  Like in our last house (because I liked it just that much.)  I think.  Unless I change my mind.  Which I tend to do a lot.  I’ll keep you posted.  :)


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