New light! New light! (for my bright blue eyes)

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If you’re scratching your forehead a bit (aside: do people actually do that when confused?  I’m more of a brow-furrower myself) at the random musical reference, here: watch this (somewhat creepy) video (for a very awesome song!)…

Oh Florence.  You rock, and I adore you (despite your rather dark music videos.)  (Seriously: the voodoo parts in that video really creep me out…)

But moving right along…

Random creepiness aside (sorry about all that), what else do I adore?  Our new living room ceiling light!  Remember our old light?

Green living room with faux fireplace and chandelier

Aka the heavy-looking, ill-placed, not-at-all us, noggin-knocker (since Sweetie bonked his head off of it no fewer than about a gazillion times?)  Gone.  Gone!  And replaced by something much much lovelier (and melon-safe).  Specifically, this:

Gold coloured drum shade semi-flush living room light with ORB

It was cheap.  It is cheerful.  It just seems to fit in our living room.  It makes me very happy.

And did I mention it was cheap?  It was only $44.97 from my favourite folks over at Home Depot.  It’s the Hampton Bay 2-Light Oil Rubbed Bronze Glenburn Semi-Flush Drum, to be exact.  On the website, it looks like this…

Drum pendant in ORB by Hampton Bay at Home Depot - Living Room light

…and I think it fits perfectly in our space.  So perfectly that I actually bought a second one to replace the light at the top of our stairs.  (Don’t even get me started on the light that’s currently up there – that’s a whole other story for a whole other post.  Let’s suffice it to say that the existing light is quite the monstrosity.  Sort of gothic.  Sort of antique-y.  Exceedingly ugly.)

For now I’m quite pleased with this small (but significant!) improvement.

Green living room with faux fireplace and semi-flush pendant with medallion

Next, on to other, much needed living room improvements.  Like, um, colour?  The dark mossy green is starting to get under my skin.  A lot.  It’s so dark, it’s very dreary, and it’s just not us.  And, after the winter we’ve had around here (could it be that spring has finally – fiiiinalllly – almost arrived?) I think I need a little more lightness-and-airyness in my life (and a lot less drab-and-darkness.)

Yep, coming soon to a living room near me?  A little bit of Edgecomb Gray!  Like in our last house (because I liked it just that much.)  I think.  Unless I change my mind.  Which I tend to do a lot.  I’ll keep you posted.  :)


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