All typed with one hand (aka a certain little boy loves his mom) (and that’s ok with me)

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So this happened about five weeks ago…

Just born - so tiny and so very very loved

Me with Little Patrick

…and I haven’t had much time for blogging since.  My days are now spent nursing, diaper changing, and cuddling a certain little boy.  Which all doesn’t sound particularly eventful, but the days and weeks are suddenly flying by indescribably fast.

I love this little face

Yep.  Life is suddenly very different.  And very wonderful.

Bashful bunny also likes to nap

Little Patrick is perfect and squirmy and squishy and he makes me so happy, even on his grumpiest days.  My world revolves around his needs.  Renos can wait.  Meals have become a lot less complex and a bit more premade.  And I’ve mastered the art of accomplishing all sorts of daily tasks using only one hand, while carrying or cradling a small human in the other.

I'm getting really good at having lunch with one hand (and, seriously, it's hard to put that sweet little face down)

So I apologize for my recent absence.  And I apologize if posts are a tad scarce over the next few weeks.  Me and a certain sweet little mister are still adjusting to life with each other.

I love life with only one hand

And life with only one free hand.  :)


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