Note to self: complex passwords are important (aka blog hackers are big meanies)

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So last night a post that really wasn’t ready to go out into the big wide beautiful world was inadvertently posted.  Not by me.  Not by Sweetie.  Not by a rather curious black kitten.  Nope.  Apparently a hacker found a way into my blog (ehem… complex passwords are important…) and decided that a (rather emotional) post that I wrote last summer and had saved in my drafts folder was ready for general consumption (with a few additions, of course – since, obviously, readers come to this blog specifically looking for ads to gaming sites, you know.)

That post has now been taken down.  Not because I don’t want it read.  And not because I don’t think you’d all like access to gaming sites.  But mostly because that post doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at this point in time and definitely needs a bit of explanation.

Cryptic?  Yes.  My apologies about all that.  Suffice it to say that the post was about some of the challenges that Sweetie and I have faced in our attempts to have a family.  And, given recent events (that I haven’t yet had a moment to blog about because I’ve been too busy being mommy to a squirmy and rather adorable tiny little man!), it no longer makes a whole lot of sense without a bit of additional tweaking.

Yup.  Of course the hackers went for that post.  Not the post that I’ve drafted about the ridiculous number of faux fireplaces in this house (because everyone needs three faux fireplaces, right?)  Or the post nattering on and on and on about my search for the perfect paint colour for my loo.  Nope.  They went straight for the nitty gritty super personal post that I wasn’t sure I’d ever publish.

Figures, eh?

So, for any of you who subscribe to me via email or RSS, my sincere apologies for what I’m sure is a rather confusing and strangely timed post about infertility (given that I just posted our DIY maternity pictures in my last post, and nursery pics in the one preceding that!)

And for those of you who just drop in occasionally and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, I promise to repost that inadvertently posted post shortly, just with a wee bit of tweaking to make it a bit more relevant to life as of August 2014 (which is very very different from life in August 2013 when I originally drafted that post.)

Except I’ll spare you the gaming ads.  Unless you really want links to gaming sites?

No?  I didn’t think so.  :)


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4 comments on “Note to self: complex passwords are important (aka blog hackers are big meanies)

  1. Oh my, my social media accounts were hacked as well. They were successful with twitter but they didn’t send any tweets. I received a notification via twitter email that my password was changed. I also received a notification via facebook “I’m sorry you’re having troubles logging in.”

    A few months ago our credit card was also stolen.. they’re getting vicious out there!

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